What we do!

We design and build your custom PC. Let your build go from Zero to Hero.

Provide consultation and assistance in component choices.

Provide safe and secure premises to have components delivered.

Design and plan the build.





(*) In some instances delivery via courier may not be possible dependant on design and case/chassis. In these cases private delivery may be arranged but at a higher cost

How we do!

With years of custom PC building experience from entry level to some of the most exotic and high end builds. This includes custom liquid cooling loops and chassis modifications . Terratech has the knowledge and experience to bring your custom PC to life. We provide an in depth knowledge of components and their compatibility with each other. We will also do our utmost to give our customers the best value, performance and reliability when assisting with a choice of components for their needs.

Why we do!

Terratech is a little company, founded on big dreams and a passion for building state of the art aesthetically pleasing tailor made computers.

Maybe you have the budget and the dream, but just have no idea where or how to get started. Thats where we come in. We will make your dream our dream and together we will make that dream a reality.